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Mirth Connect – Add Channel Metadata For Troubleshooting March 21, 2017

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I saw this great tip from Galen Healthcare. Big thanks to them for this cool info. This will be a video soon but for now – here are instructions on how to use metadata in Mirth to troubleshoot.

“By adding these channel variables to the metadata of a channel, you can view the values for these variables on the message log screen and also speed up your searches when using the Advanced search filter and specifying the metadata you have defined.” -Galen Healthcare

Open up Mirth and follow instructions below to try it yourself OR download this Mirth Channel and run it:

Summary Tab > Custom Metadata > Add button

Column Name: EHR_ID

Variable Mapping: EHRID


Source Tab > Edit Transformer > Add New Step

Type: Mapper

Variable: EHRID (same as the value you entered in Variable Mapping above)

Mapping: msg[‘MSH’][‘MSH.3’][‘MSH.3.1’].toString() (or the location from your HL7 file coming in)

Default Value: leave blank

hl7 for dummies

Here is the HL7 to use to test your work. Copy and paste into Mirth’s SEND MESSAGE feature.

PID|1|21046|||Babnic^Robert^A||19401028|M||White|8573 Catarina Place^^Youngstown^OH^44514||(330)757-4318||||||300-32-4789


Send above message into Channel:

hl7 for dummies

Here is a sample Mirth Channel with the instructions above, if you would like to try it. Again, use the HL7 above to send into the channel.

Here is the link:

Channel Metadata Example Channel Reader


Mirth Connect – Add Channel Metadata For Troubleshooting

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Mirth Connect – Add Channel Metadata For Troubleshooting March 21, 2017