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Personal Health IT – PHIT – How Can We Help? February 24, 2015

Healthcare Startup

As a Healthcare IT professional, I would love to help get patient information in the hands of the actual patient. A few years ago, I encountered massive frustration with some x-rays. A few weeks after they were taken, I needed to know some actual measurements from the x-rays. My doctor had a very vague result in my medical record. All I wanted were the actual values inside the x-ray. I will never forget the difficulty I encountered attempting to retreive my very own data! I mean…they were my x-rays, so why didn’t I have access to them – easily? It made no sense to me!

Today, I came across a term I really like: Personal Health IT (PHIT).


“Nearly a decade later, a growing cadre of U.S. patients – alternatively called “consumers”,“caregivers”or“health citizens” – is engaging in their own health and health care, as well as for the health of the people they care for. This enhanced level of patient engagement is enabled through “personal” HIT (PHIT). PHIT can support patients and providers in achieving better health outcomes, streamlined workflows, and cost-effective use of scarce resources: labor and money.”

Read more here:

I look forward to learning more and seeing how ViSO Tech and HL7StarterKit.com can help achieve this mission: connecting patients to providers to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships!

I just joined a start-up venture as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the healthcare industry. Our focus is just that – connecting providers to their patients. Stay tuned for more information on the impact we plan to make on PHIT 🙂




Personal Health IT – PHIT – How Can We Help?

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Personal Health IT – PHIT – How Can We Help? February 24, 2015